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Vintage Rolex is very popular right now. The vintage Rolex steel sports watches have been a huge hit. Although the Daytona is now a brand within the brand, the Submariner still has a lot of affection, especially for their vintage pieces with their acrylic plastic crystals.

Vintage Subs can be either matte or gilt dial. It is as good for us as James Bond.Zenith Replica The Submariners' plastic crystals began with glossy dials, and ended with glossy dials (the last series 5513 had glossy dials with white gold-surrounded hour markers).

The matte dials were in the middle, which collectors call Maxi dials. Rolex used the matte finish dials for 18 year, and the first matte dials were introduced in 1966.

These dials and many other vintage Rolex items were largely the result of a concerted effort by the Vintage Rolex Forum. Although there is some disagreement between heavy-weight vintage Rolex experts, the VRF is a hotbed of discussion and occasionally disharmony, the common goal of the VRF is to share, clarify, and gain knowledge and understanding about vintage Rolex.

Rolex, unlike Omega and Patek, will not confirm older pieces. The VRF was born and remains an invaluable resource for dealers and collectors alike.

Referring to the Maxi Subs again, their nickname derives from the fact that all of them feature larger hour markers than the previous Maxi dials. However, the first Maxi dial to be widely used was for the Submariner's 50th anniversary 16610LV green bezel date.

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