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Rolex developed its own quartz movement over the next five-years. They needed a movement that was superior to the Beta 21 as well as the option to store it in their waterproof Oyster case. Both the movement and case were completed in parallel. The case was ready much earlier than expected.

Rolex had their first case tested on the market in 1974 using the references 1530 (steel), and 1630 (2-tone). The new bracelet and integrated case featured the mechanical, automatic caliber 1570s.Rolex Air King Replica These watches were made in small quantities, approximately 1500 units in total. They are now collector's items. Their new masterpiece, the Oysterquartz was finally revealed in 1977.

The wrist shows the first Rolex Air King Replica (Mk1 17000), which did not have a movement and was not sent to COSC ((c] Revolution).

Rolex identified several improvements they wanted to make to their quartz movement. This development went far beyond the Beta 21-like Beta 21. Modules of the next generation were more complex than the Beta 21. They featured 11 jewels and the ability'regulate the movements in service'.

Their finishing was even more impressive than the mechanical movements. They were capable of self-regulating according to ambient temperature, making them extremely precise.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches These movements were known as Mk1. They weren't submitted for chronometer testing by COSC because they were made in the first 18 month of production. The Mk1 watches featured a clean dial layout, with ROLEX DATEJUST at the top and OYSTERQUARTZ at the bottom.

The dial of the Mk1 Rolex Air King Replica17000 reads very simply: ROLEX DATEJUST in the top half, and OYSTERQUARTZ in the bottom half ((c] Revolution)).

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