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The quartz crystal was changed to become tuning fork-shaped, and the Mk2 watches were submitted to COSC to be certified as chronometers. The Mk2 watches received the additional text in the dial as a result of this change, which occurred in late 1978.replica watches The top half of the dial read U-Boat Replica Watches DATESJUST, while the bottom half had the famous Rolex text: SUPERLATIVE CHEMPER OFFICIALLY ZERIFIFIED. They are rarer because they were made only for 18 months of Oysterquartz's 25-year lifespan.

The dial of the Mk2 U-Boat Replica Watches17000 reads: U-Boat Replica Watches DATED on the top and SUPERLATIVE CHEMOMET OFFICIALLY ZIFIED on its bottom. This is because the watches were fitted with COSC-certified movements ((c) Revolution).

Special editions were made in yellow or white gold Day-Date and had different reference numbers (19028 to 19038 to 19048, etc. Each with a unique bezel or diamond setting. These pieces are worth a separate article!

Each line had its own movement. The caliber 5035 powered the Datejust,audemars piguet replica watches while the 5055 powered the Day-Date. The Oysterquartz Datejust had very simple baton hour markers dials in silver or black throughout their production run.

Rare versions have Middle Eastern logos at the bottom of the dial. Later models also had Roman numeral hour markers. The gold Day-Dates watches were made with special dials, bezels, and like all Rolex watches made from precious metals, they are very rare. Made from lacquered wood, with or without diamond hour markers. Sometimes diamond-set bezels are also available.

With the Osyterquartz masterpiece watches, everything was possible. A few Oysterquartz watches that are extremely rare have been sold recently at important watch auctions. Phillips' May 2015 thematic sale "Glamorous Day Date" featured two Oysterquartz Day dates reference 19168 in yellow gold. Each included gem set dials, bracelets and bezels. These gems are extremely rare and have a high price tag.

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